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New web clipper - plain-text-only bookmark?

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I often want to save just the title and URL of a page. (This is what "bookmark" has meant since the dawn of browsing!) This was easy in the previous version of Web Clipper but seems not to be possible now - is it?


I don't want a page image, I don't want some of the page text - they are nearly always useless. If I want part of the article, I'll make a selection and clip it - that works fine and always has. Or, if I want a pretty-looking bookmark that I'm not going to edit I don't really need Evernote - I'll use Pocket  or something.


Now, the new note has weird embedding formatting and I have to delete the unwanted content or (sometimes and) clear the formatting from it, so that I can add my own text to the note (in Firefox web client). Or just delete it (on the Android client which doesn't have the "clear formatting" capability). If I just try typing after the clipped "bookmark", it's stuck on the right hand side with no spacing (as if the return key is ignored).

This is a waste of time on nearly every bookmark note ... and Evernote is not where I choose to waste time.


If it's not possible in 6.0.15, is there a chance of restoring the capability?

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