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Prevent duplicate clips



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Agree.  Would like Webclipper button to change to yellow (for example) or a green boundary around the page (another example) to indicate it has been selected.


BTW, this requesst has been around for some time. 


I read somewhere that, as a workaround in Chrome, some have used EN with IFTTT to Diigo.  Diigo has an indicator on it's menu button (red exclamation mark) - though it is not perfect (I use Diigo by itself and the indicator is not 100%).


It gets low priority because, as I've read, the thinking is "so what?".  It is just another entry in EN and a dupe can be deleted when found.


For me, the "so what" is when doing research via the net, it would be nice to know that it is ground I have already covered, and have probably already made highlights or notes to that page.  When searching for topics via different angles / viewpoints, it is not unusual to find overlap.  Given the spread of time over which this research occurs, it is humanly impossible to remember every website captured in EN.  It is more than an inconvenience...it is a time waster.  EN saves time overall, but this time waste is relatively easy to detect and flag, based on simply matching URLs.

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EN WebClipper has several other bugs. It does not always render correctly the webpage and sometimes does not clip at all.

It does not save videos either (but that is a design, not a bug)

Nowadays I also use Pocket for Mac for clipping since it often is giving a better rendering, does not clip duplicates, and it also plays video (but does not download)

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I realize I'm a bit late to this particular party but I didn't want to duplicate a feature request about deduplication. I have seen a couple other similar requests (like this one), so this seems like a feature folks would like to have. And I'm not sure that the "Context" feature really does the trick, as it's only engaged after you've already perhaps clipped a duplicate page.

Optimally, engaging the Clipper on a page would compare the URL to our notebook(s) and if a match is found would alert us that we've already clipped that page, leaving the user to decide what to do with that information.


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