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Request: BETTER table editing!



PLEASE Evernote-Team give us BETTER table editing!

Table editing in Evernote for Mac is very limited and frustrating for daily use.
CRITICAL Features:
* Select entire Rows and Columns.
* Rearrange (Copy / Paste) entire Rows and Columns in a table. (this is a real PAIN with a bigger table!)
* Format selected Rows and Columns at the same time. (try to format an entire column with an identical background on lots of rows ...)
* Edit Default Cell Padding for all tables. (todays default takes a lot of space)
* Would be great if tables could be defined like in HTML or Markup style.
* Optionally define cell width as percentage value.
* <Backspace> does not work on an empty line in a table cell!
* Cell width adjustment handle appears about 4mm to the left of cell border when using two screens and if note is longer and has a vertical slider!
* No cell width adjustment possible on a copied table in the same note! (focus change to other note fixes this)
* iOS: Vertical Cell Alignment in iOS-Apps should be top (not middle) like with Evernote Mac!
Thank you for your efforts :-)
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they could start with the horrible space before the beginning and after the end of the table. 


In the old table format I used a one cell table to format sections of a note. Now when you do this it will create a huge gap between the table and the text below. 

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I agree with all of your table editing requests.

We don't need Excel features, but we sure need the basic table/setup editing features.

IMO, MS Word provides a good model.  We don't need everything, just the basics.

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Pretty new to EvernNote and absolutely loving it for the most part. That said, table editing and formatting is pretty much abysmal. Basic things such as the editing features mentioned above would be a very nice add. Currently I'm exporting notes, editing the table layout in a text editor and then re-importing just to do basic formatting and any editing more demanding than typing in a cell.

Required Features

  1. Select entire row or column.
  2. Copy and Paste entire row or column.

Nice to Have

  1. Drag and drop re-arrangement of cells, rows and columns.
  2. Editing of basic table settings such as fixed or relative table and widths, cell padding / margins, cell background colors.
  3. Style sheets.
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I'd also add actual keyboard shortcut support for basic functions like insert new row.

OneNote is amazingly easy and smart on tables. Your hands never have to leave the keyboard. I've switched to Evernote because the notes and tag structure are so much more flexible, but I miss OneNote's editor immensely. I'd be fine if those features were copied!

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Tables editing is basic to giving hierarchy to information, to giving some organization to your notes. I started working with evernote a couple of years ago; it works good with ugly and unorganized notes but, when you try this app seriously all fails, isn´t capable to handle tables, fonts, colors, is nonresponsive I mean web app looks and works in a way, iOS app in another way, etc. I am really disappointed with the products of evernote; few years ago I purchased an evernote JOT Script and I paid for one year of evernote, both was a complete disaster, I asked for my money back and just got stupid answers. Now the JOT Script is on garbage and my notes are unusable.

Do some demarketing for this weak app (Evernote) and recommend a true Note taking App: I am trying Simple Note and works nice, at least it doesn´t promise functions that it can´t handle.      

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