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Suggestion: Topic relationship network diagram



Here's an idea for premium users - provide a network diagram of related topics.  In particular I'd like to see my tags be associated.  If I am reading an article with tag A, but there are 5 more articles that are tagged with tag B where A and B are "related", I'd like to know about those other 5.  For example, maybe A="Public Speaking" and B="Speechwriting".  


How you create that association, I'm not sure.  Maybe it's simply that some of my notes are tagged with both of these tags ( A and B ), and since _this_ note is only tagged with A, I might be interested in B.


I know you've got "related notes" and that's great, but I'd like to see why they are related. and more results.  I realize this might go against the "simple" design aesthetic, but it would be immmensly useful.


An example here: http://altbibl.io/dst4l/topic-modeling-and-gephi/ I know nothing of this page or it's content other than it represented what I was trying to explain after a quick search.

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