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Getting Facebook Saved links into Evernote with IFTTT

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I'm trying to get my archive of saved links in Facebook into Evernote as well as new links that I want to read later, but not publicly share.  I like to use IFTTT to automate things when I can, but it doesn't have a trigger for Fb's saved links. So, I figured out a work around:


  1. In Facebook, create a new Page, in the setup: choose any category, name the page as something like "My links", skip through the remaining questions except those that are required. Once the page is made, go to Settings and Unpublish the Page.  This will make it so that only you (or other people you add as Admins) can see what is on the page.
  2. In IFTTT, create a recipe that triggers with a new post to a Fb Page, and sends the link to En:
  3. Share new posts, or old ones in the Fb Saved Link page, to your new Page.
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This is a great idea and I am using it with one additional modification

the applet field "Tags(optional)" is configured as follow:

ifttt, {{Message}}


In this way, when sharing a link to the Facebook page, I can add a comment in the form tag1,tag2,tag3 and the evernote note is automatically tagged

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