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ie Can't view the Webclipper

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Hello, I've just installed the webclipper but it's not appearing in IE 11. The instructions say 'if your command bar is hidden you can view it by going to View/Explorer bars/Command bar, but 1) the command bar is under toolbars not explorer bars in IE 11 (so are the instructions out of date?) and 2) it's not on the command bar. There's 'One note' but no Evernote.


Any suggestions?


Many thanks



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Most likely IE Clipper wasn't installed properly because IE or an IE process was running during an Evernote client update installation. The most reliable way to get it back is to uninstall and then re-install the Evernote for Windows client and make absolutely sure IE and all of it's associated processes are completely exited before beginning the installation of the Evernote for Windows client. 

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