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bugfix-request in presentation mode (another)

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Hi guys,


I wanted to ask you if you could fix the following problem, which is around for about 2 or 3 months and wasn´t before:


Since I use evernote in the classroom, I often type something which comes right out of the conversation with the class (screen 1: Macbook) while I´m in presentation mode at the same time (screen 2: beamer) so that the class can read it.

Here´s the problem: I need the medium-sized font on the beamer so that everyone can see clearly what I´m typing. But once adjusted (ctrl-f), font goes right back to small size (on the beamer) as soon as I´m typing any character in the Macbook (screen 1). Could you guys fix it please so that it stays at the size at which it first was adjusted? This is a severe problem in my workflow right now.


Add on: There´s also a minor issue with tables in the setting described above: The fontsize of tables never is the same as the fontsize of continous text on the beamer (screen 2) although on the first screen (Macbook) the font has the same size.


Thank you!



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