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EN Clipper, aka: Web Helper

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With your helpful pointer to the search term, I believe i've figured it out.  [that page, http://www.cheatography.com/senseful/cheat-sheets/evernote/ is terrific, superior to Evernote's "Search Grammar".]  Here's what I found: source:web.clip brings up the 90% of my notes that were saved via the Chrome Clip to Evernote elephant icon in the Chrome toolbar.  However, -source:web.clip brings up precisely what I wanted to isolate, ie., the 10% of my notes that were instead saved using, what for lack of a better descriptor I'd call the "Upper Elephant", ie., the one in the top-most Mac Menubar.  I'm unsure what its correct name is.  Hovering the mouse selector over it yields no description.   Thank you, Dutch Peter.  You are a prince among men (and dogs, whose nobility is surpassed only by their love of bones and games of chase the frisbee).  

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