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Possible to remove contextual menu clip options / menu bloat


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I am not very good with javascript or any coding for that matter but having had a look at the source for the Safari version of Evernote's web clipper. Which is amazing and the best in class option I might add it annoys me that I can't remove the contextual menu actions. I have looked at the source, options, and unless I passed this option over, which I highly doubt I did. Would someone who is savvy in javascript let me know what file(s) I have to edit in the extension's source (once unpacked of course) so that I can rid myself of the context menu bloat but still enjoy the hotkey functionality.


I have managed to remove the context menus before with some blind hackery but in doing so made the extension not work at all. So any help or an option in the near future to disable would be much appreciated. In the meantime to a developer fix, anybody have a solution I can mangle together? Thank you for the help.

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