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Please create option to hide "Reminders" at the top of notes!

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The reason I ask for this is-

1) I never use the reminders

2) I use tags a lot, and when I'm adding multiple tags, it becomes a pain once the visible section is filled, additionally, I am not able to easily see all my tags (say if I have 6-7 tags, which happens in around 10-15% of my notes).



Thus, please make it so we can hide the reminders (and furthermore because I have misclicked it frequently), and/or make it so we can see all our tags without clicking the dropdown arrows.


This is an obvious/relatively simple fix that should be implemented sooner rather than later to make the UI more user-friendly.


Thank you in advance!

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Which client are you talking about? iOS, Windows, Mac, Android?


As far as I can see on the desktop clients, when one has no reminders, there is no reminders list to speak of pinned to the top of one's note list. 


If you're talking about either of the desktop clients and you see any sort of reminders drop-down menu, it's precisely because you have notes with reminders attached... so it can't be that you... 


 ... never use the reminders


Remove the reminders attached to any notes and you'll get rid of the reminders list in any context.


To find isolate/ filter all reminders account-wide, use the search operator, ReminderOrder:*


Be sure you are in your "All Notes" context. 

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(I dont think your solution applies to this problem)


You are absolutely right... 


...Follow these steps:

  1. Right click on your note toolbar
  2. > Customize toolbar...
  3. drag the alarm clock icon onto the popup panel (or reposition it anywhere else on the toolbar)
  4. return here and sing my praise.

You can do the above with any of the icons... plus, if you can remember what each icon is, you can also hide the labels for the icons (uncheck "Show Labels"). That should give you much more space to work your tags. Incidentally, you can also do the same for the uppermost toolbar. 

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