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Transferring notebooks between two accounts

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We just added another account to try to merge personal notebooks over to the new account so the old account would just have business related notes. However, there doesn't seem be a way to send those notebooks over except through email and we cannot keep both accounts open at the same time. Help! How do we:

1. Send notebooks between accounts

2. Keep both accounts open


Thank you!!!

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If you want to move the notebooks from one account to the other, use the desktop client and the export function to create an ENEX file and then import that file into the other account.  Do this by right clicking on a notebook - Export Notes.  Make sure tags is checked under Options if you want to preseve the tags.  Once you are sure all the notes are in the new account, you can delete the notebook from the original account.


If you are using the web version run EN in two different browsers to have two accounts open at the same time.

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If moving a notebook from my account to another, what happens with the tags?

Example: If I share my notebook with another user now, the tags are appended with my EN username.
But say I transfer the notebook to someone else, and he shares it with others, how would the tags look for those others? Will they be appended with my username, or by his username?

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How do i access lost notes and journal? I think i have two accounts and my original one's email login no longer exists so i cannot reactivate as i not longer receive emails to the older address can you help? I am so sad I've lost 18 months of daily journal notes since my baby was born ;-( (i used the app journalised) which no longer exists online ;-(

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Hi, and welcome to the forums! We're mainly user-to-user, and if there are two accounts involved, one with a no-longer-available login, there may not be much we can suggest. My only idea (but others may have better ones!) would be to sign up for Premium for one month. That will make your note history available, and give you access to technical support. They may be able to locate your lost notes and bring them back to you. (Maybe, I don't know for sure.) After the one month, you can then cancel Premium and go back to Basic. Good luck--I can imagine that those notes would be precious to you.

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18 hours ago, EVPB said:

my original one's email login no longer exists so i cannot reactivate as i not longer receive emails to the older address 

Did you deactivate the account.  If no, then the notes are sitting there waiting for you to login.

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