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Pasting transparent images

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If I paste a transparent PNG file into a note, it is displayed with a black background. This is a problem when the image has black text on it


Is there an option to choose the background color for images? (Or instead of choosing a color, just show the background color of the note -- usually white)

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Hi.  No.  You need to adjust the image in software that is capable of changing the background status.  Not sure if Skitch can do this - no time to test at this moment.  Lots of alternatives.  Google search for choices.

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This looks to be internal conversion of OS. One simple solution in Windows is to save .png file and open with Paint with white background. Then you can select part or all image, copy and paste to a note.

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Works fine, thanks.

Actually from a PNG file in the filesystem it works fine both dragging and copy/paste

But when that same PNG file is in a webpage opened in Chrome, then right-click, then "Copy image" and paste into Evernote it shows black background. Not sure which of the 2 applications is the bug in.

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