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deleting a chat; useless warning.

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When deleting a chat, EN comes up with a an alert dialog warning that if you delete the chat, you'll lose any notes shared.


There is no reason for this distraction of nothing was shared for that chat. Should be easy enough for EN to detect if anything was in fact shared, and then says "you will no longer have acess to the following items". Otherwise the user's thought process gets interrupted and then have to manually scan the conversation checking they didn't miss anything important.


  • it interrupts the flow
  • it causes unnecesary work
  • the user might miss something when scanning manually
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From what i understand, one can only delete the workchat from one's own account but that won't take it back from whoever it was sent / shared with.   

What is desperately needed is a message callback, at least, for messages that haven't yet been read by the receipient.  like Skype allows you to delete a line in a chat.

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