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HOW TO: Import Bookmarks into Evernote (for non-coders)

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I'm beginning to use Evernote Clipper to save my bookmarks, but was looking for a way to import my existing bookmarks from Chrome, without having to clip every. single. one.


I don't really know how to code, so Applescript, etc. was out for me. But I figured out this work around. It requires signign up for a few things, but once you're done, you're done! and the import is quick.  


Note: This is a crude import system. You may not get pictures imported with the links, or tags automatically added (other then from what you set in IFTTT).  It's quick and dirty, but gets the job done.  Also, this will probably work with services other than Pocket, that's just the one I already an account with.

  1. In your browser, export your bookmarks into an HTML file.
  2. Login or create account at getpocket.com (we'll come back to this, but you need a Pocket account setup before the next step)
  3. Login or create account at IFTTT.com
    1. Create new recipe:
      IF...Pocket...Any New Item...
      THEN...Evernote...Create New Link Note...
      (Fill in settings as you want. I add the tag ".Bookmark" for easy sorting later)
  4. Go to:  http://getpocket.com/import/delicious
    1. Under "2. Import your bookmarks",  Upload your HTML file from Step 1
    2. Click "Import"
  5. Wait for the magical elves in the cloud to do their work. It will take longer for the more bookmarks you have, but is still way less than doing this all manually.


Now all your old bookmarks are in the same place as your new ones, as you add with Clipper.  You can choose to go back through and organize with notebooks and tags as you like.


If you're not familiar with IFTTT, I recommend it for other actions, like adding Facebook posts and photos to your Evernote.

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Sorry, I don't know anything about Pocket.


Each of us has a somewhat different style, method of organization, and use case.


Were I moving bookmarks into Evernote, I would probably do this:

  1. Import all BM into one Note.
  2. As I had time, group the BM in that Note into categories
  3. Maybe use the category name as a Tag, and assign all of these Tags to that Note
  4. If some categories were more important, and as I had time, I might move the category groups into individual Notes.
  5. If a specific BM/URL linked to important reference info that I expected to need in the future, I'd use the BM to open the web page, and use the EN Clipper to capture it.

But that's just me.  You may have completely different needs/style.

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