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Clicking side-by-side diff in a bitbucket pull request freezes that Chrome tab


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If you are looking a pull request on bitbucket and you click the side-by-side diff button then Google Chrome freezes for a long time. (If I leave it be, it usually comes up. If I try to reload the chrome tab the page freezes and eventually the tab crashes.) If I disable the Evernote Web Clipper extension those problems go away.


Has anyone else run into this? I would love to know of a workaround aside from disabling the Evernote Web Clipper every time I review a bitbucket diff and need to see a side by side view. By the way, this problem started recently, so it may be that bitbucket or Evernote updated their JavaScript and have conflicting JavaScript now, because it used to work fine.

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By the way, I have emailed support about this (ticket # 1032036) and haven't heard anything, though it's been more than two days. Evernote email support is dreadfully slow these days. I would pay more for a 24 hour support SLA of some sort.

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