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Managing tags created by other EN Business users



I have not found any topics mentioning this problem I am having with tags created by other users in Evernote Business.


I am the ENB administrator and regularly have to go in and delete/modify tags that have been created incorrectly. Because of the number of tags that we currently have in use, I many times discover bad tags by accident. I strive to keep the list of tags in use down to a minimum, but we still have hundreds of them. It is no longer feasible to scan over them personally and find tag errors.


For example, I come across tags that are misspelled or that are near duplicates of other tags that already exist. I have to delete/modify the "bad" tag and then worry about how many others are out there that I just haven't noticed yet.


What I would like to suggest for consideration is that a process be developed that can be used to review new tags that are created. An administrator could then select one of three options: "Approved for use", "Modify then Approve" or "Delete Tag". While not necessary, a nice bonus would be an option to have the tag creator notified when an administrator changes or removes a tag.


I am not suggesting that non-admin users should have any new restrictions placed on them while creating tags. I am just interested in finding a convenient way to review new tags created before they get buried under all the other established tags already in use.


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@ybp9003, at this time there isn't a way to review new tags that are added to the business. This is a great suggestion! I'll share this with our development team for future consideration.


@Boosh, here's a link to an article explaining how tags can be used. I'd also like to share some information about business tags that you should find useful. As a business member you can create and remove tags from business notes in any business notebooks you've joined and have edit access to. However, only an account admin can permanently delete a tag from the business account. This can be done from the Admin Console. Business tags are owned by the company. As you add tags to a note that’s in a business notebook, any tags you create will automatically be business tags. Also, the only way to add/create a tag is to go to a business note and type it on the note directly. Any other method (e.g. adding the tag to your Tags list) will create a personal tag. Hope that helps!

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