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Lost all passwords and log in details b/c of this app

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I was happy with my Note-Taker on my HTC phone. I recorded all my passwrds and login info on it, as well as book ideas, price comparisons etc. Then, without warning the free app was taken away and replaced with Evernote. I can't access my old recordings and therefore have lost VITAL info. When I try and explain this to the Evernote support team, they just sent me product details without any explanation of what I should do, or why I should do it. I tried again, and then again, and then again. All times they just ignored me. 


I contacted HTC, and they seem to think I have to pay to get my data back. Is this ethical? It's like if someone took all your records away without asking, replaced them with something you're unfamiliar with, and don't like, then asked you to pay for it. I am unemployed and don't want to pay £4 p/month. I also don't like being blackmailed for my own data. 


I'm upset over the time I've had to spend over this. I'm upset that I have no control of my phone's apps, I'm upset that it seems to be acceptable to rip people off, I'm upset because I can't log into any websites I use; I'm upset over smart phones in general, if this is what they're all about then, I'm back on a £20 Nokia. 


Do they even have my old data? I don't know 'cause they won't answer me. What should I do? What can I do? 






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Sounds like you are in the UK. You could try and take your phone back into a network store (Vodafone, EE or whoever) and see if they can help you.


I'm guessing you haven't backed up any of this important data either?

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Thanks for the reply, 


Yes, in the UK. However,I bought it in Vietnam outright to avoid contracts. 


No, I didn't back it up as that would negate the convenience of a note-taker in the first place. 

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No, I didn't back it up as that would negate the convenience of a note-taker in the first place. 


I don't understand what you mean by this.  Important data should always be backed up, regardless if it's a bit inconvenient or not.  Otherwise, you may find your self in...well...the position you are in...which sounds pretty inconvenient.

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The most important point first - you won't have to pay to get your notes back.


As far as I understand it,  the HTC notes app was upgraded to Evernote.  The conversion isn't obvious - HTC support at http://www.htc.com/uk/support/htc-one-mini/howto/381564.html explains some of the detail.

  • Go to Settings and click 'Accounts & Sync', 
  • Look for 'Sync Notes with Evernote'. 
  • Click on the 3 dots and you should find an option that says 'Sync now'. 
  • It takes a little while but eventually all your Notes will be in Evernote.
If in doubt,  please refer to the EN KB article here > https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/91208787
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I was on the phone for over an hour to HTC yesterday afternoon. The young lady was contrite about HTC's behaviour in selling the app users out, but it's not her fault and she can't do anything about it. 


I'm afraid that Evernote gave me the same instructions as you 'gazumped', but having done everything possible at least once, Nothing!


HTC think there was too much data for the free service, so instead of telling me that, Evernote just gives automated responses. Actually, I have no faith that if I pay their small ransom that they my data can be rescued. 


Don't buy HTC again

Pay for a month, get my info onto another medium, and then ***** Evernote off. 

Or, don't give them anything and make a mental note to never store info on digital systems again, and try and create new accounts for all my web sites and go into mourning for the rest. 

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I can't get my head round it, and I'm unwilling to sit in frustration trying to teach myself how. 



That's fine & certainly your choice.  But if you are unwilling to learn to backup important data, get used to being in the situation you're in now.  Get used to losing data because data loss will be a constant companion.


Good luck.

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I'll write it down on a piece of paper thank you for your concern. 


I paid for the Premium Service and got nothing!


No Lost voice recorded notes!

No difference in the apps appearance or performance.

No difference in the awful non existent customer service. 


Just standard automated responses. 


That's Okay though as its all down to my lack of tech' knowledge, so I obviously deserve it. 

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We're also Evernote users (this being a user forum) so you may get a little attitude if suggestions which are actually meant to help get rejected on the basis that you don't want to "waste your time" learning the basics or taking the necessary steps to recover the situation.  


I can appreciate that HTC's deciding to unilaterally move everyone to another product is unexpected and frustrating,  but these things happen with mobile device manufacturers and software houses.  Although it wasn't necessary for you to buy the premium product,  if you have done so,  you have access to the Chat option on the support page which may help find your notes.  It's entirely up to you what action you take (if any),  but please remember that Evernote is only peripherally involved in this - they can't do anything until your HTC notes are synced with your Evernote account.

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Your suggestion were practical steps to help recover the situation, and I tried it to no avail, but thanks anyway. Others have just blamed me for not backing up. Well I have nothing to back up now, so that doesn't really help me and comes across as rubbing salt into the wound. 


Thanks also for the tip to use chat. I will do so on Monday.


I have spent about 16 hours on this in an extremely agitated state, so please don't tell me I'm unwilling to take the basic steps to recover the situation. I've spent about 2 hours on the phone to HTC who blame GooglePlay. I've spent about the same time in Evernote Technical Support who have been as much help as an ashtray on a motorbike as they just repeat themselves without any human interaction. I tried all their steps about 5 or 6 times and got nothing but further into the mire. Looking back it was the fact that I don't know what address they have for me Gmail, Hotmail, or the Evernote address. I've tried them all. Nobody at Evenote would respond to that question. 


Baring miracles, I'll cancel the service and vow to get a printout of my (re-applied for) passwords etc. 


As a side note people who have been in this and similar very frustrating situations with computers tend to shy away from re-experiencing them. For example, I tried to back stuff up in the past and nothing was intuitive; I couldn't find the place it had backed up to, how much memory I used doing it, or how to single out what I wanted backed up, or basically trust the process in anyway. I have nobody to show me either.


It is rare to find someone who can explain conceptually what is going on with something you're just supposed to understand. So when I'm asked to back up, back up what to where? I don't want to double the space on my drive for every single thing I download etc. To top it off, you're made to feel stupid and inadequate by people who think it's so easy that its not worth the effort to explain. Computer people tend to do the equivalent of giving you classic literature to read without teaching the alphabet first, then blame you for not 'getting it'. It isn't so baffling to understand why so many people are tech phobic. I have wasted yesterday, the day before and a few hours this afternoon when I could have been fishing, taking photo's etc. Time to cut my losses. 

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I did.

Nothing changed

Same page as before without seeing any option to make a voice recording or to listen to my HTC recordings. 

When I try to explain, I just get some Vietnamese prat sending me the same messages he did several times before. 

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