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Presentation mode doesn't change notes any more

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This used to work perfectly. Then it didn't. Then it did again. Now it is not working anymore. How do you go from note to note in a presentation mode? I select three notes and try to go through them and no keyboard key will do it. 

What is happening? 

Are we back to that stupid "create a table of contents" thing? 

More and more frustrated with the "improvements". 

Please help me somebody if anyone knows the answer. I have a presentation to give tomorrow. 

Ugljesa Janjic


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Thank you so much, user #142,683. I the trick was in using the Cmd + the arrows. I was trying with just arrows. 

In the meantime, I used the table of contents and it actually worked great in the meeting because people wanted to jump from theme to theme and I didn't have to scroll back and forth. 

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Navigate to the next and previous note within the same notebook (Mac):

  • Next note: Use Cmd + Right arrow
  • Previous note: Use Cmd + Left arrow


Just to add, it's not just 'within the same notebook' but any open notelist will do, ie. via tag selection, in 'all notes', in location filter etc.

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