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Recovering a Deleted Note

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I think I deleted a note from the Evernote app on my Android smartphone.  This note still appears on my desktop computer.  The sync process doesn't restore the note to my phone.  Here's a clue:  Although the note doesn't appear on my phone, it still shows up on the shortcuts menu on the phone.  When I click on the note title, I receive the following message - Can't open note - Please make sure your account is synced and that this note hasn't been deleted.  If you're the notes owner, you must be signed in to the account associated with this note.  When I click on OK, I'm taken back to the All Notes main menu.


I welcome any suggestions.


Kirby F. Smith -  kirbysmith@comcast.net

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Hi.  Suggestions are:

  1. delete the email address from your post - this is a public forum and you could get a lot of new friends...
  2. if you still see the note on your desktop,  start a new note and copy the content across.  When your Android syncs with the server,  and the server back to your desktop,  the original note will be deleted.
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