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Remove date and time for when I created the note

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The created date is how Evernote keeps track of one note order so it's not possible to delete it,  and the display on mobile devices is pretty much none-negotiable.  Short answer;  I don't believe so.  Could you give us a screen shot to illustrate why this is a pain?  The devs do read these threads,  so consider this a feature request made (magic words to attract attention...).

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Showing the month 

Skip line. Show the date. Skip line show the name. Takes up way too much screen space. I have several notes that I would rather see alphabetically on my note file list instead of having to scroll through so much non information. If the date is important it can easily be included in the name. 

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I would also like to remove the date stamp from my notes (in the browser on the left). If the Evernote system needs this information can the user hide it. I want my notes clean of information that I personally don't need to see. See hSCREEN SHOT of the date information on my notes.


When I click on a note that has a lot of information, it takes about 8 seconds to populate and I get the progress GREEN SPINNING CIRCLE. This never happened until the update. How to I fix this. I want the note to open immediately.

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 5.42.26 PM.png

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