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notebook change & automatic text formatting of pasted text



just upgraded evernote to version 6.0.8 & noticed the following:


overall it appears lighter, although the green frame of notes when highlighted is gone, so now, perhaps for nostalgic reasons, I must say that liked the previous appearance better.


so here's what I noted:


1) in the previous version I could change to a non-default notebook in the note by choosing directly from the drop down in the upper left hand corner. now the drop down appears as an extra pop-up & an extra click (on move) is needed to make the change. - why would one add an extra step to change the notebook from the default to another one? this seems to be unnessessary & clumsy.


2) in the previous version, when I pasted a text to a new note it would be formatted automatically in the font I had chosen as the default, whereas now the text keeps the source's font - any suggestion as to how this may be avoided?


3) I thought that the note header font was more elegant before when it was kept in a smaller fontsize!







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Since you are referring to the EN Mac client ("6.0.8"), I'm moving your thread to the EN Mac section.


With regards to #2:  If you paste with CMD-SHIFT-V the text should use the formatting where you have pasted it.

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