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Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete shortcuts — they should be here already!


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Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Delete are standard shortcuts in all but the crappiest Windows programs. They delete up to a word boundary, and are therefore very handy when you've made a spelling mistake since it's faster for me to delete the previous word and retype it than it is to hit backspace for n letters and start writing halfway through.


These shortcuts are not in the desktop client, but they should have been from the beginning. Please add them.

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Does not work for me either.  I'm on (275193) Public and Win7-64 SP1.

(I'm having other editor weirdness it might be related to like extra line-feeds before and after copy/pasted text.)


One workaround is to use Ctrl-arrow to move between words.  Add a Shift in there to select.  And then do your delete.


(So to delete to the previous word-boundary: Ctrl-Shift-LeftArrow. Delete.

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I'm running (275193) Public and Win7-64 SP1.


It's strange, but after shutting down and restarting my computer at the end of the past few days, it now works. I can't think of what other software I could have been runnning at the same time that stopped these shortcuts from working, and indeed, the first thing I did before filing this report was quit every other non-Evernote program to make sure that it was a real bug.

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