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How to merge notes in reverse order?



Is it possible to merge notes in reverse order: oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom?


My workflow:


1. Capture slides from a webinar in Skitch

2. In Skitch change notebook -> Work

3. Merge webinar notes together


However, no matter how I select them, they're merged in the order top down most recent to least recent.


I'd like to have them arranged chronologically: earliest slide at top, most recent at bottom.






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"oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom?"


Here is what I do with Evernote Windows. I believe this will work with a Mac.


If there are 3 notes that need to be merged into one:

1.) I start with the newest note and change the Created Date to NOW.

2.) Then change the next to newest note to NOW. (a couple seconds later)

3.) And finally the oldest to NOW. (a couple seconds later)


If you have the sort criteria set for date, the 3 notes will be ready for merging in the correct order. 


4.) Merge


And if the original Create Date is important, you can edit the merged note's Create Date back to the correct date and time.


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OK - Plan C - Do you have Adobe or another PDF editor?  In Adobe Acrobat it is possible to take a number of JPGs and merge them into a PDF file.  There are manual controls to assign the order of pages.  If you could work with the presentation in one PDF file...?  Just a suggestion.

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Thanks jbenson2. This is logical and makes sense. Some of the presentations have 50 slides in them. That's a lot of individual tagging :-(



The most I have every merged is 7 notes.  


50 would need another method.

What I'd try to do is contact the Webinar presenter and ask if they could post a downloadable PowerPoint presentation. :)

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Log your request and upvote the problem for solving here.  I think EN is waiting for the vote to get their attention, albeit there seems to be A LOT more complaints spread throughout the internet on this issue.  

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This is a year old request on "How to merge notes in reverse order?"

It should have been pointed out that on the Mac, notes are merged in the order listed.

There are various sort options; including reverse chronological

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Having read dozens of internet postings on this subject, most of us MAC users are well aware of the work-around.  Having to re-sort all the notes in the notebook (or fake-editing them to get them to sort chronologically) is a major time-consuming pain, especially if you actively merge notes often.  There's the rub.  I just was putting in a plug to make the MAC software equal to the efficiency of PC-Windows for this feature.  


Thanks for your concern for taking the time to reply to this.  Cheers.

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Gazumped, thanks -- I'd like to stick with Skitch/Evernote


Jbenson2 -- well, of course I ask. And they say yes, but they don't send it. I like taking the proactive approach.


Perhaps this is a product enhancement request?

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