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Mac Product Improvement Suggestions from a New User



Many people have complained about the current grey look of Evernote 6.0.x on the Mac, I'd like to offer a suggestion (which may have been offered elsewhere, hard to find with all of the negative reviews).  The Evernote app on iPhone is very nice, and has three color schemes the user can choose from, I prefer the default green.  I think it would be great if the Evernote desktop app was setup the same way, with the same three color schemes to choose from.  Not only would this make the app aesthetically more pleasing to use, but would keep the branding in sync across platforms and devices.


I'd also like to see 'push' syncing instead of time based syncing.


I'd also like to be able to adjust the font size of side bar text and notebook lists in side list view, a little too small for comfort.


Lastely, the ability to color code notebooks, shortcuts, tags, etc would be helpful for organization.



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