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Exporting a PDF Problem



Hi There


I know there are a few other threads about PDF problems but I couldn't seem to find one that addresses my problem.


I have created a note with pictures in it. The note file is roughly 27 MB. I can export to PDF no problem and see it perfectly in preview and on my IOS devices.


However. When I email this PDF to someone else that is not using a MAC they are unable to view it in adobe etc. I then tried to open the same PDF locally on my MAC with adobe and it was a blank file.


Why does the export to PDF only show up in preview etc? Am I doing something wrong?





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Hi.  PDF stands for "portable document format" so it should be visible to anyone on any device that has software with the ability to read PDFs.  For whatever reason the export to PDF process you're using seems to have some problem - can you try a different note to see whether something smaller will work?  Something with one picture,  and something else with just text?  And try exporting your big note again.


Beware if you're an Evernote free user - your max note size is 25MB - does the un-exported note exceed this?  that could be the source of your problem.

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Hmmn.  There goes the simple explanation then - along with the previously suggested tests (how did those go by the way?) how about creating a new note and copying the original pictures into that and re-exporting to PDF?

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