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Shared notes doesnt show in chat

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I'm trying to share notes and notebooks with friend but non shows up in his chat. nothing also showed in my chat when he sent note to me. I'm following every step from tutorial but cant seem to get it to work. I sent him first notes 3 days ago so my and his Evernote app had time to sync with servers.

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Hello wwwuser,


> Only in one instance of sending a note to him he received email notification. When I sent notebooks he received non.


When you share in Evernote, the first share sends an email like the one gazumped has shown.  This email has a link to establish the receiver as the "owner" of the email address you used to address the share invitation.   The recipient MUST click on this link and login to their Evernote account.  We do this to ensure that your invitation and your content don't end up in the wrong person's hands.


Once we've established this trust relationship, the next time you share a note or notebook, the share goes through our Work Chat interface where you can more easily collaborate with you colleague.  In the case of shared notebooks, the recipient has to click on the link to your notebook to "accept" the notebook and add it to his account.  Again, this is to ensure that your recipient only adds things that he wants to his account and can't be spammed with notebook shares.


Hope this helps.

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