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Can Android web clipper do what Google Chrome Evernote web clipper does?

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Google Chrome Evernote web clipper is awesome, in bookmark mode, you can clip the title, link, and some brief content. Whereas the Android web clipper can only clip the title & link. Even in Android clip-full-article mode, the note being created are saved in different form. The url is saved in "url property" not in the note body.


I was wondering if there's an Android web clipper that can at least do "bookmark" mode like Google Chrome clipper does. Don't you guys feel uncomfortable that the web clips are saved in different format when clipping from Google Chrome and Android? Hope the community can give me some suggestions, thanks in advance.

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Hi.  Your Android device has limited battery life and processing power,  and no local storage.  Chrome lives on a desktop with mains (or at least much bigger battery) power,  generally faster processors and hugely expandable local storage.  The two have vastly different operating systems.  So making clipper work even approximately the same way on both devices is pretty much of a miracle.  Seems to me you could clip title+link and the full content and merge the two notes later (on a desktop) if the everything-in-one-note thing is an issue,  but I generally find that clipping links or pages works pretty well for me.  A search that finds one note will find all notes with that page detail,  so you wouldn't necessarily have to merge.  Anything else is a feature request,  which by posting here on this user forum,  you have certainly made.  As to my comfort levels - I'm a user too,  so I'm fine thanks....

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