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Can Evernote and YXBJ work together?

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I need to cooperate with some Chinese colleagues that use Evernote's Chinese app, YXBJ. Do I need to download and install YXBJ software and create a new account to be able to work together on notes etc with them?


Thanks, CB

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Hi.  There is no YXBJ software - Evernote connects you to the server appropriate to your location.  You don't need to install special software to see a notebook shared from your China colleagues - that will happen over the internet in the usual way (subject to any intervening firewalls).  Why don't you both try sharing a notebook and see what happens?  If that's successful you can build from there.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.


There is software, just like evernote, and you download it here: https://www.yinxiang.com

It's not Evernote, otherwise you'd just download evernote in your language of choice. There's also posts on the dev forum about how to build aps that work with the YXBJ API, so it has to be different.


I don't just want to share notebooks, you can probably do that anyway, what I mean I want to collaborate on notebooks together with them (but using Evernote not YXJB).



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Hmmn.  I'll withhold any apologies until we get an Evernote view on this - that website looks like it's just Evernote.com in Chinese.  The differences may be in which server populates the EN Web information.


I'd strongly advise against collaborating using the same account (if that's what you were proposing) because what protections Evernote has against overwriting one person's edits with someone else's work,  rely on being able to tell the difference between the two different inputs.  If two or more people are signed in as Blakey,  then Evernote will accept all changes at all times.  If users are signed in under different names,  then while one person is changing a shared note,  that note should be locked to prevent others overwriting the work.


With open logins for instance you could find that while you're populating a table with information,  someone else has just deleted the table and your work disappears when both changes sync - not to mention the security implications.  


Evernote accounts don't come with parent and child logins,  so the only way to have separate logging is to have separate accounts and share notebooks.  Unless you use Evernote Business,  which has an administrator who can allocate accounts to individual users - who also have their own account for personal use.  (As a further aside,  I know from other collaboration schemes that allowing contributors to have workspace of their own that isn't shared around helps to keep 'thinking aloud' stuff from cluttering up the shared space.


To get a definitive view you'll have to talk to Evernote (or maybe raise it in the dev forums) - you could try a CS query by choosing "payment issue" in the first dropdown after logging in here > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action - if you're a premium or Business user,  you'll also have access to a Chat option (7am-7pm weekdays,  PST)


If you get a ticket number and post it here,  you'll be able to add any details to the support request you wouldn't want to discuss publicly while the Admins here can pick up on your comments and connect the two.

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