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Evernote on Convertible Windows Laptop


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Hi everyone, sorry if this issue has been posted before but I couldn't see anything to help me so I thought I would ask you folks!


I recently purchased an Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-011 convertible tablet/laptop (running Windows 8.1) to use for writing, and I downloaded both the Evernote touch app and the Evernote windows desktop versions.


They both install fine, and both let me sign in fine, and then the weird bit starts.


My touchscreen is set to display a little circular indication of where it's touched when you use it. After a minute to a few minutes of having Evernote desktop running, I start to see these little circles appearing on the screen, especially when I am typing. As a result, the cursor starts randomly clicking different places on the screen, so sometimes the note I'm writing in will close, or I'll end up writing randomly in the middle of a sentence. I've had a few occasions where it's not just one 'phantom touch' on the touchscreen, but a dozen or so rapid, sometimes three at a time.


I thought I would try the Touch version of Evernote instead, but the problem is even worse - thanks to the random clicking, it opened one of my notes, selected the title and then deleted it - I'm only thankful it didn't delete the whole entry!


Since I have removed both Evernote programs from my machine, this problem of phantom taps on the touchscreen has stopped completely, so I don't think it's a hardware problem. But as I'm sure you can understand I don't want to use it if there's a risk of crazy things or spontaneous deletions happening!


Is this an incompatibility between windows 8.1 and evernote? Or has anyone any ideas?


Many thanks


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Hi.  I'm using Evernote and Win 8.1 on a Dell laptop without a touchscreen.  I only use the desktop version and it works fine.  You could try just installing the desktop version to see what happens...

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