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add tag for some notes


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Is there any way to add existing tag for some note by using mouse click not typing it ?


I have hundred of tags . When I want to add tags I already created before for new notes , I usually forget the tag's precise name . 

I want some way let me can browse all my tags when I add tag to new note .


I know if I type first letter evernote will show the  tag list which start with the letter .

But many synonym don't have the same start letter , it is not a good solution ...



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Oh , thanks , I don't know this hotkey before . It is more convenient.


But in the  Assign Tag dialog , it seems show list in the order of tag stack I created .

Is there any way can do this?



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Oh , I know this way ....


But it is not convenient enough for me ...

Because I usually arrange many notes and assign them some tag at one time ....

So I need to switch form some node book to another frequently in my left panel ....


If I drop down the left panel to find some tag ... I must drop up to find my notebook after finding tag ...


I think if evernote has another windows to only show the tags ..it will be more convenient to arrange note and switch browsering in tag

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I think Ctrl-Alt-T as mentioned above is your best option in the Win version for mass tagging.  You could open EN in a browser and view your tags in that separate window if you liked.  Not much beyond that I can think of.

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