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Cannot Connect to Server message keeps appearing


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It appears this is a common problem.  I had to reload Evernote on my Windows machine (Google Chrome browser), and now it won't launch ... says I need an active internet connection ..; and I am online.


I've removed and reloaded Evernote twice, and the problem persists.


Windows version 8.X


Also, my Evernote on the web has half of the information appearing in a different langage (I'm thinking Greek - not Geek, Greek).


I've seen plenty of posts on the problem, nothing on a solution.


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By the way, I downloaded the free Revo uninstaller, removed Evernote again, downloaded Evernote again, and got the same error message that said "can't connect to the server", yet I was connected to the server.

I may have mentioned that my web version was in Greek language ... I know realize it is in Russian.  I don't read Russian either.

This problem is really unacceptable and I see no effort by Evernote to handle this.


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