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Planning tool on evernote notes


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Hi there,


I am using The Secret Weapon approach in Evernote to manage my tasks. So labels are my projects en notes my 'tasks'. I have loads of tasks per project and I want to plan my tasks en see them visually in a tool like Smart Sheets. So reminders are taskdates and subject should be task name, and the note should be the task description.


Is there someting available like this I can use, or some workaround with Google Spreadsheets?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi.  You're looking for something pretty specialised out of a tool that wasn't designed that way.  There are add-ins that will give you a different view of notes and tags - it sounds like Mohio Maps https://www.moh.io/mohiomap/welcome.php might be useful in your situation,  but (AFAIK) it won't show reminders unless you add due dates and other details as tags...

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