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Feature Request: Better Search Parameters

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Hi there,


I do have a small problem with the current implementation of the search engine (here is the discussion). In essence, I want to be able to include a set of tags in a search, but exclude any that do not have a reminder set. The use case would be to tag notes according to importance, but to exclude important notes that I already planned for a specific date via the reminder functionality.


Example Notes:

  • Finish proposal for X
    • tag .2-today
    • tag @office
  • Call tax agent for an extension
    • reminder: 2015-04-12 10:00
    • tag .1-now
    • tag @office

The second note is already planned on a time, because my tax agent is most likely available then, so I want to keep that point off my mind - in reality I have a dozen notes like that. So I'd like to have one search with all tags .1* and .2*, but without any notes that have a reminder set. This search should to the trick, but doesn't work:

notebook:"Action Pending" -reminderOrder:* any: tag:!* tag:1-* tag:2-*

The usual solution is to have boolean filters or using mathematical sets. If you want to keep it easy for the user, you could allow a search within a search, so that the user can simply filter an already filtered set of notes again.


What do you think?

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