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Notes containing screenshots won't print right

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When I'm reading an eBook I typically take a screenshot of pages containing a highlight and I make a note out of those screenshots.  (If you are interested, I explain why I do that here:  http://www.readingwithevernote.com/reading-with-evernote-blog/2013/11/10/the-great-kindle-highlighting-work-around).


The notes look great on my tablet, they look great on my desktop and web version of Evernote.  However, those notes are unprintable.  What should be a 1-page note to print turns into 4-6 pages because the screenshot file size is rendered its full size (unlike how it is displayed on the screen).


I wish there were an option to "Fit this image onto one page."

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Personally, I'd copy the entire note contents into a Word or other trusty word processing program document, format as desired, print and save the document to EN as an attachment. ANY attachment will be a copy of the original and just safety's sake, I also reccomend keeping the original on your hardrive or on disc. Include dates and cross-referencing info with both copies to remind you if you ever edit one copy, to also save (replace with) the newest copy in the other location.

EN is great for storing online research and for keeping simple notes. Not so much at creating beautifully formatted documents, complete with graphics and pictures where you want them, and at the size and resolution you want them. Printing abilities are also very basic in EN.

My method might seem a bit redundant and/or labour intensive, but it's really not once you get a rythm going. Plus the thought of losing my *only* copy of something I went to the effort of formatting and printing, all because of a momentary glitch in my internet service, or the myriad of rare, but still possible ways things can be lost or corrupted when using a cloud service, makes me wee bit twitchy.

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