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Multi page saves

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I have not been using Evernote very long and this is my first question for the community. I use an iMac computer running OS X 10.9.5 and Safari. The Evernote button is showing at the top of my screen and everything seems fine except for one thing. If I am viewing a web page that is continued on multiple other pages, the way I view them is usually by clicking a "forward" button or something similar. When I click the Evernote icon in Safari, it save the first page fine but not the subsequent pages. Is there a way Evernote can save all the pages at once, or must I save each page as a separate note in Evernote?


Thanks in advance.


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To pull all web pages in one single web clipping from a multi-page article you will need to use EN Clearly.

But even EN Clearly does not work on all web pages.


Some web pages provide a "Print" button or a "View all" button that will open a new page with the complete article.

Then you can use the normal EN Web clipper.

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