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Upload amount not resetting



Help...anyone else having this problem...for the first time ever I received a notice I had used my monthly allotment- ?? and a message that it would resent in 8 days...reset it did...now it says 28 days...


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Hi Gazumped


The message I have under Account Info: Current Monthly Usage 56.0 MB out of 60 MB....Upload allowance resets in 28 days...


This is the same message (re: usage Amount) that I had just over a week ago  when it said it would reset in 8 days... so it didn't zero when it reset. It keeps prompting me to upgrade to Premium and that seems to be the only way I can access support. I am not a heavy user and it is the first time I have ever used even half of my monthly allotment so not sure whats going on.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It's difficult to track back over what you've added or edited in your account to use up the allowance.  The best I can suggest is that you create a local (unsynced) notebook and assign that as your default notebook.  Then at least any new notes will be saved there for a while which may tide you over until the next resest,  and it will give you some guide as to what upload space you would have used during the period you;re adding new notes to it.  If you still need synced access to your notes,  the only option you have is to set up a new second account - you can share notebooks between the two accounts so you still have access to your old notes even when using the new account...

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Hi Again Gazumped


Thanks for your input...after reading your helpful suggestion about a local notebook as a stopgap solution...I checked my usuage allottment again and ...Lo and Behold! my usage message has changed again to Current Monthly Usage: 16 bytes used...resets in 28 days.  Thanks for your help - some kind of temporary glitch or divine intervention - Yay! Happy again.

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