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Sync text files in Dropbox with Evernote notes?


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Hi.  Always helpful to know what you want to sync with..  iOS / Android / Windows / Mac.


Have a look at Import Folders - under the Tools menu in Windows desktop - if you assign a folder in DropBox as an import folder,  you can automatically move files in that folder and other folders one level down into notebooks in Evernote,  or you can assign multiple Import folders to multiple notebooks.  The Imported files are snapshot copies however,  they won't be updated on both drives if you alter one.  Your best option would be to open a file from an Evernote note and resave it to that note when edited.  If you periodically backup your EN database to DropBox you'll have a backup there just in case.


Macs have similar options to Import folders via scripting.  Justin Lancy (Veritrope) is a specialist in using creative automation of Apple OS X systems to boost personal productivity.

His site has many useful scripts for Mac Evernote users.  http://veritrope.com/code_type/evernote/

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I want the text files I create in a folder on my Dropbox to be synced as notes on Evernote. I also want edits to those notes to sync back to Dropbox, if possible.


This is NOT possible.


The best you could do is to put a link to the DropBox file in an EN Note, or a link to the EN Note in the Dropbox file.

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