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Desktop Clipper Clips in Mobile Sizes


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It's been like this for a long time, but it wasn't always.  I've either had to destroy the formatting completely, put up with it and squint, or give up and forget about it unless I happen to think of it when I'm on my phone (which is not great for long articles).  All of the work arounds destroy the text; Ctrl-+ squishes it all together, 'Simplify Formatting' turns it into an eye-boggling mess. It looks fantastic on a tablet, of course. I no longer have a tablet.  I save articles to read later and most of the time I would be doing that is on a desktop, not crunching my neck down staring at my phone for more than a few minutes at a time.


Is there anything we can do, to bring back webclipping to a usable state for desktop users?  It wouldn't be so bad if I still had a tiny monitor, but Evernote itself is designed for widescreens these days as it is.





Web Page:








Initial Webclip:






Attempts to manually adjust text size after clipped via Ctrl-+





Giving in and using Simplify Formatting:

(it doesn't look so bad here, but when looking at the bulk of any article like this it makes reading very frustrating, where as the formatting is great on mobile devices)



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