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Is it possible to share a notebook setting it to not allow TAGs spreading among the users?

Carlos Cadu

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I am facing a problem collaborating with several people in same notebook: (a) there were create tags with same names in all user accounts, however tags are duplicated being user id added at the end of each tag name; (B) tags created by others can't be arranged in hierarchies, being impossible to set a neat and useful environment to handle tags. I am concluding Evernote tag system is useless for team collaboration.


The team is leaving the Evernote TAG system for collaboration, but for individual usage the TAGs are still useful. The solution I am looking for is to BLOCK tags to be exchange among users using same notebook. Is it possible to share a notebook setting it to not allow TAGs spreading among the users? The idea is to create a "TAG firewall" to external users' tags in order to keep in the Evernote environment just the tags create by the user from a single account!


Many thanks!

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Hi.  I think this is the general experience of anyone involved with a database being worked on by more than one person - my ideal file name and tag allocation is not the same as your ideal setup,  and without some controls you can rapidly find your system falling apart.  Plus as you've found EN's tag management - particularly of shared notebook tags - is not very good.  If it's of any help you shouldn't need a new set of tags for each initial - the creator of a note will always be identified in the note header.  If you have a note that lists the allowed tag hierarchy and require that everyone follows that system,  things may get a little better... maybe.  There's no way at present to share notebooks without tags - except to stop using them altogether.

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