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Mac stopped synchronizing with icloud (iphone does)



Hi all, 

I use evernote on mac and iphone for quite some time and everything was ok so far. 

But recently my mac stopped synchronizing.  

The comment for this failure says: check internet connection and that is all. 

(Naturally I have internet connection).


So I made export of all notes outside and I re-installed evernote on mac.

Didnt help.



Please send me some advice...

many thx!





PS. I suppose that this bug was caused by creating a note containing shortcuts to other notes and after that I changed/removed some of those notes - but this is only my guess

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Hi Barneys


The title of your post includes "iCloud" but Evernote does not synchronize with iCloud. Perhaps you meant something else?


If the Evernote app cannot synchronize to the Evernote service and throws an error of "cannot connect to the Internet" then your Internet connection may be very slow or intermittent, or you may be connecting through a firewall or proxy. Check this post for a possible solution https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23191343

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