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I was wondering if there was a setting someplace for how often sync happens. When taking notes if I type even one word and then rest for a second the page flips back to top of the page with what looks like a green bar (sync) process happening.  I'm using the free version of Evernote.



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Hi Tricia,


Are you on a mobile client (iOS/ Android...) or the Web (browser) client?


The Web client syncs in real time when one stops typing. I've just tested out both the New Web Beta and the Old Version with long notes that scroll off the page... and no jumping for me when a sync happens. 


Usually on mobile device, one has to exit a note for it to save/ sync.


If this problem presents itself on the Web client, you may want to try and update to the latest version of your browser... or test in other browsers to isolate the problem. I have no hassles in the latest Chrome browser.


BTW, on desktop client, one can access a sync options menu, where you can determine a number of sync factors, including the sync interval.

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Hi Frank, Thanks for your response.  I'm using Chrome also on a Win8 machine I'm going to try to update Evernote to version and see if it helps with it stopping jumping back to the top of the screen every time I stop typing.  very frustrating to say the least.  

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Oh... so you're on the desktop client (not web client). Nothing to do with your chrome browser. That's quite unusual behavior for the desktop client. Yes... go ahead and try an update to the latest public release and report back here. Sometimes these things have a way of working themselves our just through an update. From there we can do some more troubleshooting if the problem persists. 


On desktop, you can tinker with sync settings in Tools > Options > Sync... although, I'm not sure what the sync might have to do with your note body jumping after you stop typing. The desktop client does not sync in real time... only perhaps sort of with the Work Chat feature... but that's another story. I also suspect it might have something to do with the Context feature. See if you can disable that and see what happens: Tools > Options > Context (uncheck "Show Context").

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I would love a change to the sync settings, whereby notes are synced with a much higher frequency while I'm editing.

The problem for me is if I type a quick text note (on the Mac client) then sleep/hibernate (close the lid on my macbook), and then want to access the note on the web interface (on the lab computer at uni) or on the Android client.

Or, and this has been happening quite frequently, my mac crashes before an update. I'm working on identifying the causes of my mac crashing but that's a different issue entirely. If the note doesn't sync in time, I lose all progress from the last 15 mins

I don't want to increase the sync frequency altogether, as this will use more battery when I'm not editing. 

If I'm only editing text notes, I don't see how such a feature would be problematic. Maybe handle pdf/image edits differently (to avoid wasting upload allowance) although I'm not personally worried about this issue as I never use up my upload capacity.


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5 hours ago, davidgilling said:

I would love a change to the sync settings, whereby notes are synced with a much higher frequency while I'm editing.

Another option would be to click the sync icon in the toolbar as needed, especially after you've finished using EN for the moment.Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 1.33.37 PM.png

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