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Note not synchronizing



I use the free version of Evernote on my MacBook, an app on my iPad and an app on my Android phone. So far all three have been synchronizing with each other without any issues. Since yesterday, a note created on my MacBook will not show up in its updated version on either the iPad or the Android. It appears to synch on all three platforms and shows the current date/time at the bottom, so should've picked up the latest changes. I have no network issues.

Has anyone had this issue before and can help? 

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Hi.  Your devices don't sync with each other,  they sync via the web server - Device A > Server to send and receive changes,  then Device B,  C and so on.  The first step is to find whether you have been able to get the note as far as the server - which seems doubtful if both the other devices are failing to show it.  Check EN Web by logging in here in a desktop browser - https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.action


If the note didn't make it that far,  have you exceeded your monthly upload allowance?  The max note size?  Try to sync,  and if that fails have a look at the Activity Log which might give you some clues...

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Many thanks! It hadn't occurred to me to check the web version. Turns out the changes in the note have made it to the server as the web is showing the changes made. And, lo and behold, the moment I opened the web version, the changes showed up on my other devices as well. Still no clue why this has happened but the problem is fixed, it seems. 

Thanks for your help! 

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