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Evernote's automatic hyperlink for iPad



Context: I am a new user of Evernote and am mainly using it on my iPad. I have a Note in Evernote to keep track of my Timesheet.


Problem: Each time I enter in a time (ex: 5:15-6:15) or a date (4/12/15), it automatically formats it into a hyperlink. Not one that actually links to anything, but the format is in blue and underlined like a hyperlink.


I did take a good look around and found nothing on my basic search; in fact, someone noted there may be nothing to do but to type into a basic Notepad to transfer it into Evernote - and this seems like an unnecessary extra step. I did also try right-clicking (that is, selecting and holding the link on the touchscreen) and it did not offer the option to Undo the link.


Temporary Solution: (For those interested and in the same situation) However, accessing Evernote on the actual website using my laptop, I was able to easily access my Note and highlight and undo the hyperlinking.


This solution, however, is just a band-aid. It doesn't fix the issue of the extra step of having to undo hyperlinks in the first place. There don't appear to be any options to simply disable the automatic hyperlink. (And if it is available and I have missed it, I'd appreciate it if anyone would let me know - and perhaps make it more easy to find.)


IF I have simply missed the easy solution to this problem, I apologize.

Upon going through the steps for Contacting Support, it simply led me to this forum. There were no topics already available for the iPad specifically (just for Mac and Windows -- I wasn't sure if the iPad would be part of Mac, but assumed it wasn't; once again, I welcome anyone to correct me so that I may learn).


Thanks for your time.

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