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picture wont paste from evernote

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I am using evernote as a copy-paste base for e-mails and I've noticed I can't paste a photo correctly from the evernote note.



I attached a print screen showing an image in the note and then how it is received when I copy-paste it to en E-mail.


If I drag the photo separately it will work but a much more convenient way is to copy the whole letter and then paste, 

and in that way it won't work.


Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?




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Copy-pasting of images from desktop to email seems to be a little tricky...


I just tried copying from the EN web client... and images paste fine... so for pasting the entire contents of a note, you could Ctrl+A, Ctrl-C within a note on the web and paste it directly into an email. It seems to copy over nicely. I just tested with an entire note I clipped over from Wikipedia. It retains the formatting rather nicely :-)


Create an icon in your browser toolbar which links to a specific notebook/ tag context/ all notes on the web client, and you should find your most recently worked on notes at the top of the list, if you've sorted by date created/ date updated. Remember to sync your desktop before heading over to the web client. Also, keep in mind that one benefit of working directly in the Web client (if your writing/ workflow permits at times) is that there is real-time sync/ saving of all your work :-)






Another thing you could do is send the note to your own email... and then take it from there. the formatting appears exactly as it is in a note. 

If you only want to copy a portion of the note to email, you could select whatever you need, use the Win+A shortcut (or the Mac equivalent)... and a new note will be created automatically, with that selection... which you could then email yourself. 

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