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Why are Google searches telling me to sign into web clipper to get related results?

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When ever I perform a Google search using Firefox, I see the message I've attached, on the right side of the search page.  I have no viruses or adware installed.  I'm mystified as to how/why this message is showing up - it seems like the EN add-on is somehow inserting it onto the page but I have a hard time believing EN would do that or that FF would allow an add-on maker to do it.


Any input on this?




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At some point you must have installed the Evernote Web Clipper. One of the features you can enable within the Web Clipper under "Options" is "Related Results", which shows you notes within your Evernote account that relate to your Google search results. That's why you're seeing this "tip"/ prompt.


Although Evernote's tips might be invasive to many across multiple platforms, at least you now know it isn't a virus or adware. You could go ahead and uninstall the web clipper if you have no use for it, but I'd encourage you to give it a try.It's probably the best utility out there for getting web info into your Evernote account. Sign in to the web clipper and tinker a little :-)

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Thanks.  Yes I have web clipper installed.  However I've never had related results enabled, I can only guess it got enabled or added by an update.  I turned it off - message gone.  Thanks again.

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