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Link in WebClipper to MyEvernote





great work you´ve done with the new WebClipper in Firefox!!:)


The organization in the folder-structer is absolut mega great!!!


One desire i have:

At the top on the left side (or on another place:) ) of the WebClipper a link to "MyEvernote"!!! Then the WebClipper is perfect to me. One click to my Evernote from the WebClipper - with no Login-Screen! - Automatically login to my Evernote - with ONE click! That would be really nice:) Make this possible in the options, that i can automatically login (30 days or so....) - if this is a safety aspect.


But after all - great work with the folder-structure!


For a few days, i thought OneNote is an alternative to Evernote - but with the new WebClipper..... OneNote-Clipper is Years behind after Evernote-WebClipper.



Whats must i do to get acces to the Forum "Web Clipper Beta"? I get the message: "You do not have permission to view this forum. In some cases joining this Social Group will give you permission to view this forum."


But i want to try yout Beta-Apps.


Thank you very much

Best regards






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