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Remove or Simplify Formatting output is messing the default font

Carlos Cadu

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In the "option => note" I set default font as Tahoma 12.


At the beginning it seems both "remove or simplify formatting" converted the original clipped fonts to the default font.


However, currently neither remover nor simplify formatting follow the default font, being the generated font text totally random in font type or size.


I recorded my screen showing that: http://goo.gl/19KQdU


I would appreciate help to understand how to set  the "remove or simplify formatting" output font same as the default font set in "option => note".





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Hi.  AFAIK Simplify Formatting removes table,  lines and other layout while Remove takes out all formatting including font styles.  You get absolutely basic ASCII text only.  There's no option to vary that. 

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