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Don't want Win client syncing when program's shut


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I love the sync across devices by Evernote, and love the more robust Windows client interface (the stripped-down others really bother me for some reason.)

So here's my question/issue - I see EN syncing even when the program is closed.

And that can be problematic if I open it on, say, my Chromebook (WHY doesn't the client there open FULL SCREEN???) - and make changes.

I can easily get those messy nagging 'conflicting changes' notes because ... well that should be obvious.

The only option I saw related to his in the client is whether to uncheck 'background syncing.' But I WANT it syncing when I have the program open - just not when it's not!

Do I have to turn off the PC to do that? Or am I misunderstanding what my options are?

Thanks to you EN gurus for any/all help you provide me and others!

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It should be stop completely if you exit with File - Exit (Ctrl-Q), or if you go to the system tray, right click on the EN icon and click Quit Evernote.  EN shouldn't be running after that.

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