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Norton reports evernote_native.bin is safe every time Firefox is started


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For some reason every time I start Firefox Norton security reports that evernote_native.bin is safe. Since it checks the files as they are downloaded I find this behavior odd, and annoying. I told Norton that this is a trusted file but that did not help. Does anyone else experience this problem and have any idea how to stop it. In addition to beeing odd, it is also quite annoying.


Any help will be much appreciated.

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I'm experiencing the same, recently started behavior of Norton reporting that evernote_native.bin is safe, every time I start Firefox 37. I just noticed that the Web Clipper 6.0.15 add-on isn't listed in my right-click context menu in Firefox. I think it may not be a coincidence that both the Norton reporting and the web clipper going AWOL seemed to happen about the same time. I have Firefox and the Web Clipper add-on set for automatic updates. Windows 8.1 and Norton are also set to update automatically, so I believe all of these are up to date.

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I am glad that I am not alone, although I am sorry that you are both experiencing the same problem. This started happening after tha last Evernote update. Speculatively speaking, the behavior appears to be the result of the said file emerging as a newly downloaded file for some reason and Norton is scanning and reporting that it is safe. Knowing how this happens is beyond my pay grade!


Is this forum monitored by Evernote staff at all or are we simply comiserating?

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This only occurs with Firefox. Other browsers don't have this issue. This also started with the latest update to Firefox, so I'd guess that there's a connection.

You may be right, there are so many updates of everything one can easily lose control of them all. But, apparently Evernote staff do not chime in here. It looks like we are stuck with this problem until the next update of one or both of these programs. "How much money, that much support ;-)"

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I'm sorry I was traveling over the weekend and could not reply immediately...

If Norton has a problem with our extension file evernote_native.bin I consider that a problem that Norton needs to handle. I believe there are utilities in Norton to label flagged files as safe on a manual basis like you seem to have tried but not working as expected? We'll take a look and see if there's anything we can do on our side to mitigate this. 

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It is not that Norton has a problem with the file, if keeps reporting that it is safe. Is is possible to roll back the Webclipper to a previous versions to help diagnose the problem? Whether the problem stops or not will help narrow the problem. By the way, I uninstalled the Webclipper and reinstalled it but it did not have any impact on this issue.

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I have the same problem, but have a workaround.


You can tell Norton to not scan this file by following this procedure for Norton Internet Security:


  1. Open Norton Internet Security.
  2. Go to Settings->Computer->Antivirus and Sonar Exclusions->Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR, and Download Intelligence.
  3. Click on "Configure" and select "ADD->Files"
  4. Navigate to the evernote_native.bin and press "OK"

On WIndows 7, my evernote_native.bin file is at the path:


C:\Users\<my username>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Profiles\<my profile id>.default\evernote_native.bin


Anyway, after adding the file I no longer get the Norton warning when starting Firefox.



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Adjusting Norton to not scan evernote_native.bin every time Firefox opens is great, but I don't think that addresses the (seemingly) concurrent problem that the Web Clipper is no longer working. As I reported earlier, it disappeared from the Firefox context menu about the same time that Norton started scanning the evernote .bin file every time Firefox opened.


Has anyone found a solution to restoring the Web Clipper functionality in Firefox. I'm running Firefox 37 and the Web Clipper 6.0.15 add-on on Windows 8.1.

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I have used Norton for years now and I never had this kind of problem. So frankly I do not think that this is Nortons problem. It is much more likely that the evernote .bin file really is being dowloaded every time FF starts up. Adjusting Norton to not-scan this file wont change anything with this issue except of not being annoyed with a (probably correct) warning.

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Although Webclipper is working for me, the problem remains. But, I have diagnosed the problem:

  1. Open the folder containing evernote_native.bin when Firefox is open and note that the file is there:
    C:\Users\<YourName>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<Your Profile Folder>
  2. Close Firefox and observe that the file is deleted, it is not there
  3. Open Firefox again and watch it to appear before your eyes with the current date and time stamp.

Webclipper extension needs an overhaul to stop this behavior. You can validate it yourselves, including Evernote staff.

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There's a new release in the works and we have addressed the reported behavior with Norton in that. I don't have a date and sadly it takes a long time to get new builds out on Firefox. Look for a beta version in the forum. I'll try to remember posting here once we have a beta. 

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Thanks for the reply. The behavior to be fixed is not related to Norton. The said file should not be deleted and downloaded, which I belive is under the control of the Webclipper. Thanks for looking into a solution, we will all be on the lookout for a release, beta or not.

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I don't use IE much except for Web design testing, so I cannot speak to that. My Firefox is version 37.0.1 and manifests the problem. Since the add-ons are written differently for different browsers it is possible that only the Firefox version may have this problem. In any case, I am looking forward to the next release for Firefox.

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My Firefox version was 37.0.1 and I installed the new beta release on my Windows system. when I restarted Firefox the Norton message that "evernote_native.bin is safe" did not appear. I upgraded Firefox to 37.0.2 and did not see the Norton message. However, if I disable Evernote Web Clipper and enable it again, the Norton message appears again, possibly indicating that the file in question is deleted upong disabling and downloaded again on enabling it. I am reporting the behavior rather than complaining about it.

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Thank you. safe" did not appear. I upgraded Firefox to 37.0.2 and did not see the Norton message. However, if I disable Evernote Web Clipper and enable it again, the Norton message appears again, possibly indicating that the file in question is deleted upong disabling and downloaded again on enabling it. I am reporting the behavior rather than complaining about it.



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I updated to Firefox 37.0.2, and to the beta Web Clipper 6.0.17 add-on, on Win 8.1. I have FF Privacy set to Never Remember History.

  • Norton no longer reports on the evernote_native.bin file every time FF starts.
  • The Web Clipper elephant-head icon is visible, in the upper right corner of the window, with the Home, Tools, and other FF icons. It is functional.
  • Web Clipper is listed at the bottom of the Tools pull-down menu, but it is grayed out.
  • The Web Clipper options do not appear in the right-click context menu.

So I am back to being able to clip from web pages, though I still miss the Web Clipper context menu functionality I've always used in the past. Now, I just have to remember to check for a full release of the Web Clipper add-on, since I understand that the beta won't update automatically.


Thanks, jbignert, for representing Evernote on this thread. Would you be so kind as to post here, when the next full release of the Web Clipper add-on is available? Thanks again!

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Yes I'll post back here as soon as the update gets released. 


We're still working on diagnosing the context menu problem, it doesn't happen in our testing so if anyone has more details on their setup with other extensions and settings that may conflict with ours please let me know. 

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I am using Firefox 37.0.2. After I login to Evernote Web clipper, I can see the options to save in the context menu with or without any selection. I am attaching a screen capture below to show the context menu. My add-ons are:

Adblock Plus, Advertising Cookie Opt-Out, All-in-One Sidebar, Clearly, Down ThemAll, Evernote Web Clipper, Firebug, Fire Gestures, IP Address and Domain Info, LastPass, Saved Password Editor, Shorten URL, SSL Version Control, Video DownloadHelper



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Whatever has changed since the last post in June, I am (also) still having the problem, that evernote_native.bin is being deleted with exiting Firefox. Starting Firefox again is then showing the message from Norton.


Firefox 40.0.3

Evernote Web Clipper

Windows 7

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