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Incredibly poor UI on MacOS running in a browser



I'm trying to use EverNote on a MacBook Pro with OSX 10.9.5.


When I'm entering a new item, I find the disappearing icons incredibly distracting. When I need something, I have to move my mouse all over to find what I need. And the fact that no text exists for the icons means until I hover over the icon means I must continue to search and search for something that I need. Combine this with whole sections of the UI disappearing and reappearing as if by magic and what a confusing mess.


Despite what you may think, I find the icons non-intuitive. Did EverNote ever perform customer research before deciding on this UI?


This is incredibly discouraging. 


Also, notice the icons are in shades of grey. That shade of grey seems to vary depending on what I am doing - or it just me? Using low contrast in UIs is tiring - especially since I work with computers all day long!


You could claim that "You'll just have to get used to it!" - but I find myself using other tools more and more instead of "getting used to it."


What other tools do people use in place of EverNote?


Please - I'm serious and want to cancel my EverNote premium account and take all my notes somewhere else!!



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Are you using the mac client or the web?


If you are using the web, it sounds like you are using the beta, you can switch back you know? https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/69003-opting-into-and-out-of-the-new-web-beta/


Lots of discussion about alternatives here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/

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